Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Summer School

The Eleventh Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Language Summer School in Sarajevo
13 – 24 July, 2020
The summer school is an intensive two-week (10 working days) course of BCS. The students attend two sessions per day (one session is 90 minutes, i.e. two school classes) with a thirty-minute break in-between. Out of forty classes in total, twenty classes are planned for studying grammar and twenty for reading texts and conversation. The books are adjusted to particular levels, and the texts correspond to the needs of everyday language comprehension. Every group will have two teachers with different approaches to teaching, in charge of different aspects of language acquisition.
In case you are interested in taking more than the 40 classes originally offered by the Summer School program, please let us know when you apply - you can attend 20 additional classes (60 classes in total), 27 - 31 July! 
The learning materials are made for levels A1 to C1. When you fill out the application form, you will receive a placement test to complete it before the beginning of the school. If on the first day you realise that the level you have been assigned to is either too easy or too hard, you will have the opportunity to change groups.
Based on the number of groups, a schedule will be made. Some students will have classes in the morning and some in the early afternoon. We also organize the C2 level for those who know their grammar but still struggle with writing, as well as those whose mother tongue is BCS, but who have never studied it in school.
After passing the test and the oral exam at the end of the program, you will receive a certificate denoting the level of your knowledge of BCS.



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