English Language Courses for Companies


Association for Language and Culture 'Linguists' isn’t just a language school. We are a collective of people who uphold the same values in their life and work: we believe in the power of friendship and solidarity, in the healing power of laughter and understanding, but most of all - in compassion. Compassion is one of the two cornerstones of our teaching philosophy and vision. Whenever we step into a classroom we are fully aware that we are encountering not clients, but human beings, with rich and complicated lives, with their own desires and fears, human beings who feel vulnerable and insecure when trying to acquire a foreign language. The learning process starts by recognising the humanity in each of our students.


Learning a foreign language is no easy task and it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time and effort. Precisely for that reason, the second cornerstone of our teaching philosophy and vision is: passion. We passionately love what we do and we’re not causal about it. We never go into a classroom distracted, moody or tired. You have the right to feel despondent, we don’t. You have the right to feel frustrated, we don’t. Our job is to provide boundless patience and support. 


At your request, the Association 'Linguists' can organize an English language course in your premises at the most convenient time for you and your employees.

We will:

  • organize a free-of-charge placement test before the beginning of the course
  • design the classes to fit your needs
  • hold a final exam at the end of the course
  • issue certificates for candidates who pass the final exam

All you need to do is:

  • contact us by e-mail and give us all the information necessary for us to make a quote and send it to you in 48 hours.

Upon accepting the quote, a contract is signed, settling all payment details.


Depending on the results of the placement test, we form the following groups:

  • Breakthrough, A1
  • Waystage, A2
  • Strong Waystage, A2+
  • Threshold, B1
  • Vantage, B2
  • Strong Vantage, B2+
  • Effective Operational Proficiency, C1
  • Mastery, C2

Teaching materials

We adapt all our teaching materials to fit the area of your business.

Our basic teaching materials are based on the Market Leader and New Cutting Edge textbooks.

Companies we have worked with:


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