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The magazine for linguists, translators, language lovers and everyone else who considers language to be the basic means of communication! Here is some information:

We have been writing since January 2007. More than twenty issues have come out by now now.


  • Editorial board: Merima Dervišić, Senka Majetić, Mersina Šehić, Sabina Bečić, Sandra Zlotrg
  • Design: Zlatan Hrnčić - www.seti.ba
  • Topics:
  1. Why should you learn a second, third... language and how to teach languages
  2. Troubles with Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin language
  3. Is it really true: traduttore - traditore?
  4. Necessary IT tools
  5. Translation of poetry


JOIN US! You are all welcome to write an article on language and send it to us... we will publish it and award you, along with that, with a membership in Linguists.

download section

15th edition of our magazine is dedicated to the First summer school of B/C/S and you can download it here.

Now you can download 21st edition were you can read (in Bosnian) all about our Second Summer School of B/C/S!

Special 27th edition about the Third Summer School available on this link! In English!

Everything you wanted to know about the 4th Summer School 2012 available right now and right HERE!

Summer School 2013 edition available NOW!


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