In addition to the courses regularly held at the Association, since 2005 we've also implemented various projects concerning young people, language learning, cultural exchange and translation. In 2005, together with Centar Municipality, we created a Guide Through the University of Sarajevo for high school graduates, and for a few years we taught preparatory classes of English.     

Together with Microsoft BiH and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, the Association participated in translating (localizing) Vista OS as well as the MS Office package into Bosnian (the Latin and Cyrillic script). Semir Mehadžić was the moderator of the project. You can download the result of our mutual effort here. (Note: the translated version of Office is free but Vista is not).

We tried to overcome the deficiencies of our educational system by organizing a course on interpretation (2007-2009), together with professor Vladimir Pavlović and professor Amira Sadiković. The course was held over four weekends and our goal was to provide candidates with the opportunity to acquire and improve their skills in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation (note-taking skills, operating the equipment for simultaneous interpretation and enriching their vocabulary and knowledge of terminology). The candidates had the opportunity to practice simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and attend lectures on various topics, such as law, finance, multiculturalism, ecology etc. 

From 2010 to 2012, we organized one-day seminars on interpretation and translation, contrastive varieties of BCS, basic legal and economic terminology in English, subtitling, using translation software such as TRADOS and Word (!). These seminars were held by our members with years of experience in the aforementioned areas who wanted to share their knowledge with other members of the Association.  

As for cultural events, we highlight the Cultural Evenings program (2007) through which we presented the language, culture and tradition of various countries, in cooperation with Novo Sarajevo Municipality and the Malaysian, Palestinian, Slovakian and Romanian embassies. Pictures from the events can be found in the Gallery. The program included presenting the musical, literary and scientific heritage from each of the countries. 

In September 2009, together with Centar Municipality, the Association commemorated the European Day of Languages by organizing an event called Language Week with Foreign Language Acquisition as the main topic. The program included a roundtable on the obligations and rights of translators/interpreters, a lecture by professor Sabina Bakšić Discourse of power in strategies of politeness and a workshop for high school students who wrote essays in different languages.

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