The Association Linguists is located on Ložionička street. If you are arriving by tram, you should get off at the tram station Socijalno and cross the street Zmaja od Bosne (the main road) towards the supermarket Hoše komerc. You should head towards the big supermarket Mercator at the end of Ložionička. You will pass two crossroads. By the end of the building, on your left-hand side you will see a passageway. Go through it and turn left. The first entrance door to your left is number 15. Climb up the stairs to the second floor and you are there.

Unfortunately, there is no elevator.

If you are arriving by car, you should turn left to Paromlinska street at the second crossroad towards Mercator. Turn right by the glass building Razvojna banka. At the end of the street you will enter a parking lot. Turn right, and take the next right through the passageway. Find a parking place. Go left of the barracks and turn right to the entrance door number 15.

Dobro došli.


Ložionička 15
71000 Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina

You can contact us at the phone number:
Phone/fax: +387 (0)33 645 343

We are always available at the following e-mail address:

[email protected]- if you need information about our courses or projects

[email protected] - if you have any questions or you need info about court interpreting etc.

[email protected]- if you are our member or you want to become one, please use this e-mail!

Ask us about translations, courses, court interpreters, private classes... because we are your resource centre!

You will get a reply to your e-mail by:

Sandra Zlotrg, Executive Director

BCS Teacher

MSc in linguistics. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo: the Department of Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Language and Literatures of the Peoples of BiH as well as the Department of Comparative Literature. She works as a proofreader and teaches BCS as a foreign language. She is interested in feminist linguistics and enjoys explaining why grammar makes sense. 

Lamija Čengić, Office assistant and social network administrator

English language teacher

Currently finishing her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zenica - Department of English Language and Literature. Works as a translator. Also speaks Turkish and likes to do research on interconnection and interpretation of foreign languages. Likes to read about complexities of the meanings in different cultures.


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