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We are still designing the cultural program for the 2018 Summer School. We will announce this year's lectures and workshops soon. Follow our website and fb page for more information. In the meantime, below you can check out what we did last year:


2017 BCS Summer School Cultural Program

2017 Program "Forgotten Histories" 

Folklore Dancing Workshop

Tuesday, 18 July at 17:30h, Lingvisti

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina love to sing and dance. Every year, we organise a folklore dancing workshop for our students so they can learn a few basic steps and find out more about various dance traditions.

You are required to leave all shame and self-consciousness aside and bust a move or two.

Antifascist Women's Front – 1st Keynote Lecture

Wednesday, 19 July at 17:30 h, Lingvisti

“What has our struggle given us?” is an archival research project and a contemporary contextualisation of the history of the movement of women in Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, most notably during and after World War II. In this pioneering work, we have gathered and digitized substantial archive collections and created an Online Archive of the antifascist struggle of women of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia. By examining the archive and making it public we hope to provoke and restart a feminist debate on issues concerning emancipation and liberation of women and the relationship with the wider idea of social transformation. The Archive as such, with all its findings, serves as a historical lesson and a textbook through which we strive to rethink our own history, moving beyond patriarchy and revisionist ideas of totalitarianism, but without falling into the trap of monumentalisation (

For over ten years Andreja Dugandžić has been actively involved in promoting women’s rights and feminism as a producer, organizer, multimedia artist and activist, mostly in the cultural and art scene of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. In her art practice, she flirts with different forms, using narrative as her main artistic expression. She works at Association for Culture and Arts CRVENA as a researcher and co-manager of the program "What has our struggle given us?“ Andreja is a singer/performer at the music duo Black Water and Her Daughter.

Linguistic Landscapes of Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2nd Keynote Lecture

Thursday, 20 July, at 17:30h, Lingvisti

This talk will cover the “linguistic landscapes” of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in particular, the presence, absence, and modification of diverse forms of written language as found in public space.  This includes the ideological “loading” of linguistic forms by which they come to be seen as emblematic of particular groups or historical periods, and how these linguistic landscapes are modified on this basis.

Kevin Kenjar is a PhD candidate in sociocultural and linguistic anthropology at the Anthropology Department at the University of California, Berkeley, where he is completing his doctoral dissertation on language and ideology in the former Yugoslavia.  He has been studying the region, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular, for well over a decade, having previously completed his MA in Nationalism Studies at Central European Studies on the topic of the politicization of language in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  When not doing his academic work, Kevin enjoys drinking coffee, gardening, cooking, and playing music. 

Cyrillic Script Workshop

Friday, 21 July, at 17:30h, Lingvisti

*For those who haven't got a clue about the Cyrillic script

We do this every year: one of our teachers Jakov gathers his disciples (the disciples being you) and introduces them to the secrets and mysteries of the Cyrillic script. After that, they are all able to go to Belgrade and find ракија on the menu.

We also stick to this workshop because teaching people the Cyrillic script in Sarajevo has become a “controversial” issue in recent years. It pisses off the nationalists and we think that's always a good thing.

Day Trip to Tjentište and Sutjeska National Park

Saturday, 22 July at 8:00h (too early, we know)

Meeting point: the National Museum

*For those who signed up for the day trip

8:00 – 10:00 Driving from Sarajevo to Tjentište

10:00 – 10:30 Coffee break at Komlen Restaurant

10:30 – 12:30 Visiting the memorial at Tjentište (the main monument, charnel house, small amphitheatre and memorial house); a lecture on the battle of Sutjeska

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 16:00 Visit to the sports facility and the Lake (where you can play sports, swim and eat at the nearby restaurant)


Hiking to the grave of partisan hero Sava Kovačević in Krekovi (a 30-minute visit with around 45 minutes of walking in each direction – 2 hours total)

16:00 – 18:00 Returning to Sarajevo

 Loesje Workshop

Monday, 24 July at 17:30h, Lingvisti

*For B2 and C1 students, but we encourage others to join as well

Loesje is an international organisation originally founded in the Netherlands in 1983. Since then it has spread around the world and in 2009 it came to BiH as well. Local Loesje groups hold workshops where they write and spread posters with texts about social and political issues. Loesje texts are mostly positive and funny, but at the same time critical.

We introduced this workshop last year and the results were very inspiring. We're hoping for a repeat!

Partisan Films: Between Art and Ideology – 3rd Keynote Lecture

Tuesday, 25 July at 18:00h, Lingvisti

Well-known theatre actor Benjamin Bajramović will try to shed light on one of the most interesting phenomena of Yugoslav culture – the emergence of a successful film industry built around the partisan film. Situating the partisan film within a historical and ideological framework will help us determine its artistic merit as well understand its massive cultural impact and the special place partisan films hold, even today, in the collective mind of the Yugoslav peoples.

Benjamin Bajramović was born in 1989 in Zenica. He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo and works as a freelance actor. You can ask him anything about anything.

Visit to the War Childhood Museum

Wednesday, 26 July at 17:45h

Meeting point: The Cathedral

*You'll be able to sign up for the visit on the first day of classes

Last year, the founder of the War Childhood Museum Jasminko Halilović visited the BCS Summer School as one of our keynote speakers and spoke of the political inertia and corruption that prevented him from implementing the last phase of his long-term project – opening a museum that would house the memento of Bosnia's lost generations. A year later, we meet with Jasminko again. Only this time he is hosting us at the recently opened museum, proving that happy ends are possible after all.

Film Screening: A partisan film!

Thursday, 27 July, at 17:30h, Art House Cinema Kriterion

Time to translate theory into practice: Benjamin will usher us into the cinema at Kriterion for a very special, clandestine screening of a WWII-themed partisan film. He’ll also stick around to answer any questions you might have about the plot, the acting, the characters, the production, etc.

Expect a lot of exploding bridges.


You can save this program in PDF. (We have printed it out for you. You'll receive it first day of classes.)


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