Komentari polaznika i polaznica škole

"In general: I very much like and appreciate your critical way of thinking!"

"I think the Summer School program is really well rounded and considered for those who are new to Sarajevo and BiH. It gives a linguistic and cultural understanding in a safe and supportive environment. Having previously done the winter school which has less extra-curricular activities and social activities, I think the summer school model could be extended to the winter school. The very binder formula with both conversation and grammar together and space for us to add our own pages is very successful. The new space is excellent and really clear and fresh and creates a really safe and secure environment for learning. Everything is great. Congratulations on excellent school and really lovely and encouraging teachers and staff. Idemo dalje! " 



„In general very nice & helpful teachers & people in Lingvisti, thanks for everything, see you maybe next year! <3“

„Never learned so much in a language school. And all that by the funniest and most beautiful teachers!“

„Books are predobro“

„Could be longer, w/ more hours, would like 4 week program, at least“

„Najbolja ljetna škola b/h/s – jezika na svijetu!“

„There is nothing to say, everything was excellent organized, the teachers competence is great, materials give a good overview over the most important grammar themes and also the two classes ''grammar'' and ''conversation'' are a great concept. Hvala vama!“

„I have had an extremely positive experience with Lingvisti. From a student's perspective, this is an inviting atmosphere to learn in. Everyone friendly; etc.“

„Everyone at Lingvisti was incredibly warm and always eager to help in any way possible. I always felt comfortable to ask questions- wheter it be in regards to the lesson, tours, or general questions about Sarajevo.“

„Vi ste svi super I motivirani!”

„It was great to be in the linguists' premises this time, nice atmosphere and perfect classroom for small groups..“

„I like this school because everyone who works as a teacher knows what they are talking about. The atmosphere is great. That's why I came again."

„Ja bih ništa veliko promijenila, ali ljepo bi bilo kad bi kurs trajao duže, tužna sam da je sad završen.

(Vid’ kondicional, bože sačuvaj) :D "

„Nisam bila u Jajce, ali radionice su bile super. Sviđalo mi se da ste imali različite radionice, da za svaki ukus je bilo nešto zanimljivo!"

„Nice that you are not to big!"

A very nice course, I’m very pleased!"

„Meni se sviđa ova učionica sto posto vise nego učionica prošlog ljeta."

 O našim predavačicama i predavačima:

"Makes grammar fun while still pushing students"

"Has a great approach and a very natural and clear way of explaining and informing. Makes it very digestible."

"Always prepared, attentive and positively challenging"

"Kept dynamic flow of class"

"Nice and good teacher."

"Svaki put kad sam je vidjela postala sam sretna. Odlična učiteljica, koja voli svoj posao i to se vidjelo."

"Vidi se da volite svoj posao. Slušate sviju i dajete svima šansu da učestvuju u diskusijama. Obje ste super, drago mi je da sam vas upoznala."

"Great use of relevant topics to discuss and incredibly patient with students."

"Perfect! Does a great job transitioning into next grammar lesson by using common mistake from previous lesson."

"Does a great job of pushing students and helping them grow."

"Relaxed, patient and funny. Perfect balance!"

"Very well informed and shows a passion for languages. Excellent teacher!"

"Completely competent, sees everything intensive and responsive to students demands"


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