A Note on Resistance

petak, 27. oktobar 2017.

We use the designation Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Language (BCS Language) because: 

* It’s one language.
* Students and foreigners in BiH can and should learn all three standards.
* We don’t have to choose which language we speak/study, if we don’t want to. 
* We see the recent memo and the pressure from the Ministry of Education as an attempt to manufacture a controversy regarding the language used in schools and thereby divert the public’s attention away from real problems. For example, the fact that in the 21st century one third of the capital of BiH faces daily water outages. 

We do not accept segregation in schools. 
We do not buy into the idea that we speak different languages. 
We understand each other perfectly well when we say: death to fascism!



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