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WHAT DISNEY PRINCESSES TAUGHT US (and what we refuse to accept): 


Most Disney princesses have the same goal in life and that is to fall in love with a prince and live happily ever after. They have taught us to fear old women who are not as pretty as princesses, because they are witches. To prove the point:

Queen from Snow White - old ugly, evil

Stepmother from Cinderella - old, ugly, evil

Ursula from Little Mermaid - ugly, evil


Snow White and Cinderella have taught us we should enjoy cleaning.

All Disney princesses narrate everything that’s going on through a song. Should we sing all the time too?

And finally, all princesses taught us that animals shouldn’t be our pets and friends, only our servants:


The mice sewed Cinderella’s dress.

Abu had to help Aladdin in robbery. 

Ariel made Flounder do stuff for her. 

Sven had to carry Kristoff and Anna. 


Stories should teach girls to be strong, powerful, to think for themselves, to be independent and not just pretty. They should not care about their looks only. They should do things on their own. They should fight. They don’t need husbands to be happy. They shouldn’t judge other people based on their looks or age. 


Here's a story we wrote. We think it's more suitable and sends a better message to girls. 


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, lived a girl called Nastya. She came from an ordinary, working family of five children, all of them girls. Nastya differed from her sisters by looks and interests. She wasn’t as pretty as her sisters, nor did she care much about her appearance. But she was the prettiest on the inside. Instead of putting on make-up, Nastya would play outside. She was smart, strong and independent. Her life was peaceful until one day the elderly king died. The kingdom had to have a leader, so the king’s only son Dumpfer took over the throne. The law said that he had to get married in a month, otherwise he would be banished from the kingdom, if most citizens agreed. A king without a queen was considered weak. Dumpfer searched for three weeks and finally found the prettiest girl in the kingdom. She was Nastya’s youngest sister. Her name was Masha. Dumpfer and Masha seemed like a perfect couple, but to Nastya, everything seemed a bit too perfect. She saw something fake about Dumpfer’s smile but she pretended to be thrilled because she didn’t want to ruin her sister’s happiness. The couple agreed to get married on the very last day of the month, in the last hour, to symbolize the king’s long search for the perfect girl and to mark that day as special. According to tradition, Masha’s close family moved to the castle in order to prepare Masha for the wedding and make her feel at home. On the first day at the castle Masha picked out a dress and sent invites to all the rich families in the kingdom. Ordinary citizens could watch the wedding from across the river that surrounded the park around the big white palace. After a royal dinner, everyone went to their rooms to sleep. Nastya’s parents and sisters fell asleep in a second, but Nastya was restless. She heard noises from the room below. She got up, went downstairs and leaned against the door. Dumpfer was speaking to the leader of the army, a.k.a, his bff: “Finally, I can marry that girl Maeshee, or whatever her name is, and then nobody can question my authority.”


“What changes do you want to make?"

“I will raise taxes and become even richer."

“And what about the queen?”

“I will lock her up.”

“That’s a great plan, but what if the people find your father’s will?”

“Don’t worry, who would search for it?” 

“I don’t know, but I don’t think you should keep it under the statue in the garden. That seems very silly.”

“Don’t question my decision, I know what I’m doing!”


Nastya ran back to her room. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She wanted to tell everyone immediately but she knew no one would believe her.  So, she went to bed and waited for the day of the wedding. 

The day finally came. Nastya went to the palace garden. Every tree was decorated, the grass was freshly cut and the wedding music rang out through the kingdom. Masha and Dumpfer stood across from each other in front of the altar. Thousands of people gathered to watch. When the registrar asked if someone had something against this marriage, everyone was silent, except for Nastya. She stood up and said: “I do! I heard your little plan Dumpfer, or should I call you Dumber!” The crowd started laughing. But Nastya then pushed the white horse statue and found a scroll under it. Dumpfer yelled, horrified. Nastya opened the scroll and read: “ Dear citizens, I’m writing this will in the last of my days. I failed to make a good man out of my son Dumpfer and I don’t wish him to take my crown. His mind is evil and his heart is made of stone. Banish him from this kingdom, because I couldn’t. He is my child and like every father, I love him. May the person reading my will challenge him to a sword fight and may the winner rule the kingdom.” 

Dumpfer’s face went red. Shocked gasps filled the air. The king ran to Nastya, wielding his sword. Nastya couldn’t fight without a weapon, so she raised her arms up and said: “I surrender”. Seeing that Nastya was defenseless, the crowd started yelling and shouting at the king. Dumpfer stopped dead in his track, mortified by the sudden rebellion. Masha ran to her sister and told Dumpfer she was very disappointed and she refused to marry him. Right then, the clock struck the last minute in which Dumpfer had to get married according to the law. 

The future of the kingdom lay in the hands of the citizens. Since Dumpfer didn’t get married in time, and since they all saw he was corrupt, they decided to banish him from the kingdom. 

Nastya became the kingdom’s first queen and she never wanted to get a king, since she knew what she was doing better than anyone. People were thankful and loved their new queen. Everyone lived in happiness for the rest of their days. The time of Nastya’s rule became known as the Golden Age. 

Nađa, Selma and Tajra, STUDENTS


Nađa, Selma and Tajra are three teenage girls studying English as a foreign language at Lingvisti. They're awesome. That's all. 


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