About us

The Association for Language and Culture 'Linguists' is an association which works on promoting lifelong learning and promoting languages through language courses and seminars in the area of language. This is how we want to contribute to the development and advancement of our educational system. Our aim is for our members and users to improve their knowledge for better success in school, at work and in life.

The Association was founded on July 19th 2005. under the name The Association of Young Linguists and Interpreters in BiH. In 2011, we changed our name into Association for Language and Culture Linguists since we believe that it reflects better what we do. We kept the part Linguists as our trademark, since it is our domain and the name of our magazine.

Aims and contribution of the Association:

  • Working on the promotion of lifelong learning, primarily learning foreign languages, but also working on the promotion of language standards and the spread of speech culture.
  • raising public awareness about the importance of learning languages
  • helping with the promotion of languages and education when it comes to languages
  • contribution to the promotion of culture and mutual understanding among people, understanding of differences inside of plural, democratic society in BiH
  • the exchange of information and improvement of the work codex
  • strengthening the network of linguists and interpreters by spreading information about existing institutions and mechanisms for improving knowledge, promoting competence and professionalism principles
  • supporting the development of the BiH educational system.


Our vision:

A world in which diversity of language means more understanding and dialogue.


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