Who can apply?

The only requirement for applying for this school is that you are older than 15 years of age.

Why should you want to study BCS with us? You are currently studying Slavic languages; your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend is from the Balkans; you know someone who speaks B/C/S; you are originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina; you want to read the works of Ivo Andrić in the original language...
You can be our student if you are:
  • a BiH citizen currently residing abroad; your ancestors emigrated from BiH; you want to brush up on your BCS or maybe only start learning it;
  • a foreign citizen living in Sarajevo and BiH and you don’t have time to attend courses during the year;
  • a person studying BCS outside of BiH with a wish to learn more about the cultural context and the area where the language your are studying is spoken;
  • someone who has the desire to learn the languages and the cultures of BiH.

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