Cultural Program

"Youth and Their Prospects" 


Nothing is going to ruin this Summer School for us!

Is the only prospect for young people to join a political party? Or to leave BiH? And if they decide not to be a foreigner and stay, then what? How do they find a job, what do they do in their free time? What are they taught in schools? What do they listen to, what do they read? How do they resist nationalism, ethnic divisions, war rhetoric? How do they remember the war? And what does it all look like today, in times of pandemic? And what about tomorrow?

This year, we are going to cover all of these topics in classes and the cultural program after classes with young but also older people. One saying goes that the young shall inherit the world. What does it mean today in BiH, but also elsewhere in the world when young people emigrate en masse in search of a better life? Why is it so when travel brochures assure us that there is no country more beautiful than ours on the planet? Wonderful nature, rich history, coexistence and tolerance? True, there can be no BiH without its young people. What has the pandemic taught us about society and politics and how can we change BiH and the world for the better? Do you think these questions are too difficult? Join us at this year’s Summer School to answer them together!

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