Training in oral translation


in cooperation with the translation and interpretation school Multilingua from Belgrade

Linguists organized a course in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for three years (2007-2009) using the method taken from the in-house school of translation and interpretation from Bruxelles (SCIC - Service Commun d'Interprétation de Conférence).

The course lasted four weekends and was supposed to enable the candidates to acquire and improve their skills in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (skill of taking notes, usage of technical means and equipment for simultaneous interpreting, including enriching their vocabulary).

The course included practical exercises in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, and theoretical lectures in areas such as law, finances, multiculturalism, environmental studies, etc.

The requirements for attending the course were a university diploma (or senior year status), good active knowledge of the languages used during the course.

83 students successfully completed the school.

The lecturers were Professor Vladimir Pavlović and Professor Amira Sadiković.


Since 2010, you can attend a course in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting as a part of our informal training. The lecturers are Đermana Šeta and Aida Spahić, conference interpreters over the years, who completed the first course in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and assisted Professor Pavlović in the following courses.