Written translation

Translating is a copyright protected work. The basic unit for written translation is a standard page.

The number of standard pages is calculated in Word. You select your text, choose Review -> Word Count. In Word Count you can see how many pages, lines and paragraphs your document contains.

Then you divide the number of characters by 1800 and thus you get the number of standard pages.

It is important to take the standard page as the basic unit since the number of pages of a document (almost) never equals the number of standard pages due to different formats, font size, line spacing etc. Approximately, one standard page equals one densely typed page in Times New Roman, 12 f. and 1.5 line spacing.

Differences in calculating standard pages are in calculating characters with or without spaces, and whether a standard page has 1800 or less characters.


Important projects:

  1. translating Windows Vista and Microsoft Office into Bosnian (in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo and Microsoft BiH)
  2. translating the whole documentary series „Fingerprints – 15 years later" consisting of 25 episodes for broadcast on the Austrian TV stations (XY Films production)
  3. MDD Merhamet jubilee publication
  4. The MOK Olympic Charter (for the BiH Olympic Committee) and the Olympic Committee Statute
  5. Publications "Protection of children from trafficking“ and "Standards on protecting children"(for Save the Children SEE)
  6. Book "Positive discipline" (for Save the Children SEE)
  7. From English into B/C/S, we translated the Reference book on MKSJ developed judicial practice (Sarajevo: ICTY, UNICRI, 2009)