Informal training


One-day educational seminars

During all the years of working in the Association, we have become aware of the shortcomings in our educational system and the overall lack of additional education of language experts and all those interested in some area of language.

The lack of formal educational system is that there are no specialised institutions for higher education that would continuously and professionally educate interpreters and proofreaders. The knowledge gained at the faculty is oriented towards working in school, and the only way to gain knowledge in interpreting and proofreading is practice. Of course, you cannot get a job without experience, and there you walk in circles.

When you have already gained some experience and necessary knowledge, there are no informal ways to get additional education and get involved into global currents which have to do with e.g. the usage of translation software.

Based on our experience, we have devised a way to solve the above-mentioned problems by offering you informal training which should ease the shortcomings and gaps in our educational system and thus help young people in their fight for being competitive at the labour market.

The target group of all the seminars are language students, people who do not have a formal education but work on interpreting or translation jobs, proofreading, and all those who feel the need for further improvement or exchanging experience.

The seminars are also open for ‘non-linguists’ – for those who need English for business correspondence, for those expected to use the standard language, those who are not sure about their Microsoft Word skills or those who need to write an academic paper. All those people can find a seminar that fits their needs.


  1. Standard Bosnian language - I and II
  2. Written translation for beginners
  3. Interpretation for beginners
  4. Basic legal terminology in English
  5. Basic economic terminology in English
  6. Trados – Computer Aided Translation tool
  7. Microsoft Word secrets, converting PDF format and translating images
  8. Subtitles
  9. Introduction to PR management for interpreters
  10. Contrastive standard: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
  11. Business communication in English
  12. Writing CVs and motivational letters
  13. Methodology and techniques in writing seminar papers, graduation and other academic papers
  14. Quoting sources from the Internet
  15. Methodology and additional materials for English language teachers (ELT)
  16. Vocation - interpretation / seminar for clients


Should you have any further questions, contact us on 033 645 343.

  1. On special demand and with the right number of candidates, we can organise the seminars at some other time.
  2. Every fifth seminar is free of charge!
  3. The number of participants is limited.
  4. You receive a certificate upon the completion of each seminar.
  5. All the seminars are from 09:00 to 16:00.
  6. There is a discount for students and members of the Association.
  7. Become our member and attend the seminars at a lower price!