English Language Courses for Children in Sarajevo

At the Association Linguists we offer you English language courses for children. These courses are:

  • adapted to each child
  • a combination of school obligations, play and the acquisition of new skills
  • in accordance with your child's school schedule


Groups are formed according to the age of the children. The smallest number of students in a group is three.


Teaching materials and levels

We use diverse teaching materials which are age fitted.

Our communicative approach implies:

  • audio-visual exercises for developing listening and speaking skills
  • textual exercises for developing reading skills
  • diverse interesting exercises for developing writing skills
  • games which help the acquisition of new words
  • chants and sketches which strengthen your child's confidence


Price and payment

Each level lasts four months (18 weeks), with 72 classes (4 classes a week)

The price: 4 monthly instalments X 75 KM + VAT.



  • Sabina Bečić
  • Merima Dervišić