English Language Courses for Adults in Sarajevo


At the regular English language courses at the Association Linguists you can:

  • Learn English for everyday needs, travelling, communication in a shop, at work, correspondence, and do it in an interactive way;
  • become familiar with the cultures of English speaking countries by reading texts, watching interesting video material and listening to stories told by native speakers.


At the Association Linguists we:

  • design classes according to your needs; together we choose the topics which are extremely important to you because of work, studies or other obligations;
  • we organise communication classes with native speakers and we offer a growing number of speaking classes as you go from level to level
  • offer you the possibility to pay in monthly instalments.

All you have to do is:

  • to come to our premises, take the entrance exam and fill in the entry form.

Based on the test, we determine the level of your language proficiency and put you in the according group.



In designing the curriculum for the English language course we rely on the Common European Framework since we understand that the teaching curriculum needs to be comprehensive, clear and coherent. Comprehensive in the way that it can offer a range of language skills, as complete as possible. Clarity means that all information has to be clearly formulated, explicit and understandable to readers. Coherence demands of us to respect the following components:

  • understanding the students' needs
  • defining aims by both students and teachers
  • determining the content of the materials used
  • choosing or creating the material
  • devising teaching curriculum
  • using different teaching methodology
  • appraisal, testing, self-evaluation

Guided by these principles, and having a lot of experience, we have the following levels in our regular English language course:

  • Breakthrough, A1
  • Waystage, A2
  • Strong Waystage, A2+
  • Threshold, B1
  • Vantage, B2
  • Strong Vantage, B2+
  • Effective Operational Proficiency, C1
  • Mastery, C2

You can check out the speaker proficiency table by clicking here.


Teaching materials and aids

We are using:

  • interesting textbooks and workbooks (New Cutting Edge) and additional material in accordance with the CEF (Common European Framework);
  • LCD OHP Power Point presentations;
  • the internet, magazines, dictionaries, grammar books and other teaching aids necessary for language learning.


Price and payment

Each level lasts for four months (18 weeks), with 72 classes altogether (4 classes a week).

The price for levels A1 to B2+ is: 75 KM + VAT per month.

The price for levels C1 and C2 is: 100 KM + VAT per month.

  • Courses are held twice a week, in the evening.
  • Students are divided into groups, up to six people in each.
  • Classes are held at two different times:

1st group - from 17:30 to 19:00
2nd group - from 19:00 to 20:30



  • Sabina Bečić
  • Merima Dervišić