Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language course in Sarajevo


At our regular BCS language course at the Association Linguists you can:

  • learn the language for everyday conversation, your business needs, meeting people, all done in an interactive way
  • become familiar with BiH culture, both traditional and modern one.


At the Association Linguists we:

  • offer you the possibility to start the course at any level
  • form the classes according to your needs.


All you need to do is:

  • to come to our premises, take the entrance exam and fill in the entry form.


According to the test, we will decide on your language proficiency level and put you into the according group.



Our curriculum follows the Common European Framework for languages and therefore we offer the following levels:

  • Breakthrough, A1
  • Waystage, A2
  • Strong Waystage, A2+
  • Threshold, B1
  • Vantage, B2
  • Strong Vantage, B2+
  • Effective Operational Proficiency, C1
  • Mastery, C2


Teaching materials and aids

Books and materials you will receive at the beginning of classes were created as a result of long-term teaching Bosnian as a foreign language and also based on already existing books for studying BCS.

We are using:

  • The Multimedia Set for learning Bosnian (AYLI, 2006)
  • Alexander, Ronelle & Ellen Elias-Bursać. (2006) Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: a Textbook. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press
  • Audio and video material
  • Dictionaries and grammar books
  • Magazines, software and the Internet


Price and payment

You can pay in monthly instalments:

  • Price: 100 KM + VAT per month



  • An hour and a half, twice a week
  • Classes are held either from 17:30 to 19:00 or from 19:00 to 20:30.
  • Students are divided into small groups (up to eight people) according to their language proficiency.



  • Sandra Zlotrg
  • Jakov Čaušević